Printable Magnetic Sheet, Ink Jet: Mag-Print, Printable 11 X 8-1/2" Magnetic Sheet, Ink Jet Compatible (LH-0113) Learn More...

Part# LH-0113
SPN# 53P3
Color White
Shape Vertical

Product Description

When you need a temporary, moveable label, go with our signature printable magnetic sheets. Print your own magnetic labels, business cards and signs with Mag-Print, ink jet-ready technology.

  • Magnetic sheets are designed to work with virtually any desktop printer. They feature a printable face for an Ink Jet compatible printer.
  • Do-it-yourself labels, signs and much more now are quick and easy to make. Just touch the print commands on your computer.
  • Available only in 8-1/2"x11" letter-size sheets.
  • Printing instructions included in each package.
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  • 11" x 8.5"
  • Label Holders
  • Mag·Print™ Laser Printable Sheets
Mag·Print™ Laser Printable Sheets
Oct 29
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  • For the ultimate in versatility and small-batch label printing, these magnetic sheets can be printed on with almost any desktop printer.
  • Printing instructions included in each package.
  • Design labels on your own computer and print to size, as needed.
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Ink Jet
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Size:11" x 8.5"
Material:Mag·Print™ Laser Printable Sheets
12 Sheets/Pack
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