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Bin·Buddy™ Label Holders

For totes, bins, and other containers, we have the right label holder for your storage system. Save time and money with these easy-to-use, slide-in-slide-out label holders, designed to maximize barcode scannability. We feature a variety of sizes and designs that are self-adhesive and ready to bond to almost any container in your facility. Each high-bond, self-adhesive label is made from a durable clear material that makes it easy to see numbers and lettering from a distance. Remove and replace labels in seconds with this simple labeling system.

• Clear plastic label holders can fit a variety of label sizes. A high-bonding adhesive means you can replace labels over and over again using the same label holder.

• For facilities where bins and totes move often, these label holders are the perfect solution for identifying particular bins.

• These clear label holders offer easy barcode scanning, even from a distance.

Size Insert Backing Color Package Retail
Our Prices per Pack
1 2 5 10 20
Order Qty
For Bins - Top/Bottom Load  
LH-0003 1" x 3" Included Adhesive White 25 Holders/Pack $16.25
$14.18 $13.86 $13.65 $12.92 $11.03
LH-0004 2" x 4" Included Adhesive Clear 25 Holders/Pack $20.75
$18.90 $18.59 $17.85 $15.86 $13.97
For Totes - Side Load  
LH-0005 3" x 5" Included Adhesive Clear 25 Holders/Pack $19.50
$17.54 $17.22 $16.91 $15.02 $13.02
LH-0006 4" x 6" Included Adhesive Clear 25 Holders/Pack $23.00
$20.37 $20.06 $19.32 $17.33 $15.44