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Clip On Shelf Label Holders

Note to Customers
Regrettably, we are not able to ship items. Orders will be put onto backorder status until we are allowed to re-open our factory. We expect to reopen the factory on April 20th, 2020, or once the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. Please stay safe.
Shelf labeling has never been easier. For a facility where inventory moves fast, make fast changes with these non-adhesive shelf label holders that can slide along your shelves as desired. With our Moveable Shelf Holder, just hang off the edge of your shelf and insert your label from the bottom opening. With two sizes of our signature Shelf·Clip™ Label Holders, you can clip your label on and slide anywhere for a firmer hold on your shelf. With Shelf·Clip™ and Moveable Shelf Label Holders, you have a quick and easy way to mark your shelving. Great for libraries, stockrooms and more, these non-marring, clear plastic label holders allow relocation of labels and quick designation changes. Make organization a snap with the best clip-on and moveable shelf label holders in the business.

• Each flexible, clear plastic label holder snaps over the shelf, while the closed end protects the label for neat appearance.

• These label holders are great for offices, libraries, store rooms and any other place where items are often moved among shelving.

Clip On Shelf Label Holders
Size Insert Backing Color Package Retail
Our Prices per Pack
1 2 5 10 20
Order Qty
Shelf Clip for 3/4" High Shelves  
LH-0241 0.875" x 6" .875" x 6" Included Clip-On Clear 10 Holders/Pack $20.75
$20.69 $20.31 $19.53 $18.87 $18.07
Shelf Clips for 1" High Shelves  
LH-0242 1.125" x 6" 1.125" x 6" Included Clip-On Clear 10 Holders/Pack $28.75
$27.93 $27.21 $26.49 $25.78 $25.06