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All Plastic Label Holders

A small investment in your labels can go a long way. That's why our signature label holder designs are made to save time, protect barcode labels and make your job easier. Each label design below has unique benefits - angled design, easy clip-on backing, a high-grip card holder construction, and thin, seamless label holding. No matter what type of label holding you need, we have a clear plastic solution that is great for barcode scannability, easy visibility and more!
All Plastic Label Holders (32325)
EconoHolder™ Label Holders
Slip·Strip™ Label Holder
HOL·DEX® Label Holders
Shelf Label Holder
Open Edge Label Holder
Super-Scan® Label Holder
Shelf Labeling Strips Label Holder
AngleVision™ Label Holder
 InchC Inch Channel Magnetic Card Holders
Premium Magnetic Rollstock
Write-On /  Wipe-Off Tags
Frig·Id™ Cold Adhesive Labeling
Mag·Print™ Magnetic Labels
T-Slot Label Holder
Tote and Bin Label Holders
Slip 'N Stik™ Aisle Sign Kit
Angled Label Holders